Crypto Trading and Portfolio tracker platform


To develop a Crypto wallet which give you basic insights on the value of your investment and let you make the call of buying and selling crypto coins.

Challenge: To build a platform which trades on the selected symbol & exchange and generate profits.


The platform includes the following features:

  1. Real time trades on Binance and Coinbase exchange.

  2. Implementation of portfolio chart and Trades Tables of every unique users.

  3. Portfolio data with different exchange and different symbols.

  4. Non Blocking and Non Duplicating portfolios.

  5. Firebase integration for Push Notifications.

  6. Create custom alerts and trading strategies.

Backend Tech Stack:


Frontend Tech Stack:


Dev Ops:

DockerAWSAWS RDSAWS Elastic Cacheec2TerraformAWS Fargate

The main focus was to track portfolios on exchanges in real time and to build a unique tracking and trading platform for cryptos