Decentralized Charting Platform


Building a real-time charting solution on Binance Smart Chain (BSC) to track pairs, pricing and trade history

Challenge: Create a real-time charting solution which accurately tracks trades on Pancakeswap v2 on Binance


The platform needed the following solutions:

  1. View Real-time prices on Pancakeswap v2.

  2. Ability to view trade history for each pair created.

  3. Abililty to view newly created pairs on Pancakeswap.

  4. Ability to track whales/big trades being made in real-time.

Backend Tech Stack:


Frontend Tech Stack:


Dev Ops:

DockerAWSAWS RDSAWS Elastic Cacheec2TerraformAWS FargateAWS ECSAWS ECS

While trying to implement a Pancakeswap(BSC) screener, which included charts and other details, we ran into the problem of data availability through the publicly available graphs/APIs. Most of the available services were either very slow or their uptime was pretty bad. We decided to implement a data solution at our end for our screener use. To collect data we created a solution to fetch data from a Binance Smart Chain. We implemented multiple optimizations after which were able to serve the charts and other data in real-time tracking trades across all chains on Binance Smart Chain