Automated Rebalancing Crypto Trading Platform with Social Trading


Building a real-time trading and automated rebalancing system on multiple cryptocurrency exchanges with Social Trading

Challenge: Building a real-time auto-rebalancing crypto portfolio tracking social trading solution.


The platform included the following features:

  1. Connect multiple crypto exchanges to track portfolio in real-time.

  2. Ability to create allocation of assets in an exchange such the users can rebalance their portfolio based on the set allocation. (BTC: 10%, ETH: 15%, ADA: 5%, etc).

  3. Abililty to include social trading features such as leaderboards, clone allocations and follow leaders.

  4. Ability to trade manually on different assets on the linked exchanges.

  5. Abililty to backtest allocations based on historical pricing data on the exchange.

Backend Tech Stack:

PythonFlaskPostgresAWS LambdaSocketioRedis

Frontend Tech Stack:


Dev Ops:

DockerAWSAWS RDSAWS Elastic Cacheec2TerraformAWS FargateAWS ECSAWS ECS

We built the trading platform to work with 3 exchanges; Binance, Coinbase PRO and KuCoin. On these exchanges we added the ability to track aggregated portfolios in real time, rebalance assets across exchanges based on allocations. A Social Trading solution that allowed leaders to list their allocations and strategies and for followers to clone their allocations.