Agritech Peer-To-Peer Market Platform


Creating an agritech peer to peer market platform

Farmers in India cultivate various crops and in bulk. According to the season, they need to look after the crops and get a reasonable price for their efforts. They either sell some percentage themselves or sell it to a third party which further trades in the market. A farmer may not always get the best price for their hardship and the cultivated product. Sometimes they do not get buyers to sell their product, which results in a loss. So to make it easy, we have the Gramin App. It connects sellers and buyers to get the best selling and buying price without compromising on the quality of the harvest.


Considering the needs of a farmer, they required an app that would behave like a buying and selling point for their harvest. They required an application where farmers can upload information about their cultivated harvest, the type of quality, and the price they are willing to sell it. The people who buy from these farmers and then sell further should also benefit by knowing about the crop quality and price beforehand to finalize a deal.

They wanted a smooth transaction with the help of this app and eliminate the communication gap between a buyer and a seller. The application should also show a map of how many farmers are selling the same crop in a particular area so that the buyer can fix a selling rate and collect the harvest in a bulk quantity. For instance, if the farmers in a particular area are selling wheat crops, then a seller can connect with them over the app. He can understand the quality and quantity of the harvested crop and collect them in bulk.

Backend Tech Stack:


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DockerAWSAWS RDSAWS Elastic Cacheec2TerraformAWS FargateAWS ECSAWS ECS

While developing the app, we had to understand the requirements of the farmers. What are the crops and harvests which are grown area-wise? So that buyers from such areas can connect with the farmers before it affects the quality of the goods. When the crop is about to be harvested, the farmers can raise availability on the applications with complete details.

They need to mention the type, quality, and price of selling. They can also share a picture of the harvest to let the buyer know the quality. The seller and buyer can then communicate over the app about the quantity required and fix a rate. A seller also gets a map that shows the locations of all the farmers in the area. He can connect with multiple farmers and collect the harvest in bulk.

The application makes sure that the seller gets the precise amount for their product while ensuring the buyers are getting their promised product. Gramin App builds trust between the buyers and sellers. It makes sure that the farmers can get the right amount and the buyers get the promised product. Due to the advanced technology, it becomes easy to communicate between the sellers and buyers.

The farmers do not have to wait for a seller after harvesting, which keeps the quality of the harvest intact. A buyer can search the crop as per the requirement in quantity, type, approximate type of procurement, and price. The deal between the seller and buyer is done before harvesting, it does not affect the quality and keeps the product fresh for distribution.